About me

I am 27 years old and I started bodybuilding workouts exactly 10 years ago, so as seventeen-year. I decided to choose this discipline, when a friend persuaded me to take part in training. I went there with a thought that it will be a one-time adventure, but after about an hour I was certain that bodybuilding will become an important part of my life. Now I would like to share my passion and experience with others, so I decided to set up this blog.


I started at times when access to good sources of knowledge was much more difficult than now. Therefore, I resisted primarily on information obtained from a personal coach and my more experienced colleagues. Currently, we have an access to an extensive literature in the field of bodybuilding. I the Internet you can easily find a pages dedicated to this sport. Unfortunately, not all can be considered as being useful source of information, especially for novice bodybuilders. My blog will be directed in a special way, just to those who are just starting their adventure with bodybuilding. I want to share my knowledge with them, which I acquired in the last 10 years.

Two years ago, I received coaching permissions and since recently I am a personal trainer. I completed a course in the field of sports nutrition. As a result, I am able to provide comprehensive assistance and to answer all questions in the field of bodybuilding. I am convinced that in future posts on this blog you will find many valuable tips on training, nutrition and supplementation.