Advices for novice bodybuilders

I would like to share advices with novice bodybuilders, that once I got from my personal trainer and older colleagues. They helped me a lot to achieve my own goals, which is why I  would like others to be able to use them as well.

The first advice sounds: “do not hurry.” I realize that this advice does not appeal to the majority of novice bodybuilders, especially those very young. Such people want to achieve results rapidly, so being patient is quite a challenge for them. It should be noted that impatience is the cause of many mistakes made by novice athletes. This is what leads to do too intense workouts causing injuries, and also to take some dangerous or improper supplements. A rush also promotes improper exercising, which decreases its effectiveness.


The second advice sounds: “not only a training.” You can spend many hours doing exercises, but results will not be satisfactory, unless workouts will not be combined with appropriate nutrition. It is also necessary to provide a time for recovery. Regeneration is a very important end of the training, as well as warm-up, which is an essential start to exercise.

At the end, one my favorite advices: “a technique is more important than weights.” Thoughtless heavy weights “waving” can not be called a good workout. It is worth remembering that during the training we need to feel the muscles that currently work. Unfortunately, more and more it is forgotten.