Diet for novice bodybuilders

Nutrition has a significant impact on the effects of sports training, so novice bodybuilders with the start of training should change their eating habits. The most important is to stick to the following rules.


Firstly, every day you should consume 6 or 7 meals at intervals of 2.5 to 3 hours. The second very important principle applies to the full protein, which should be in every meal. A complete protein is one which contains all amino acids. Thirdly, at each meal there should be carbohydrates of low I/G, derived from fruits or fiber vegetables. Another important issue is a training meal containing a large amount of easily digestible protein. A post-workout meal should to provide simple carbohydrates and easily digestible proteins in the proportion of 2 to 1. Meals eaten before and after workout should contain carbohydrates with only vegetables and fruits with low I/G. It is also important that at least half of calories come from fat. 1/3 should be a saturated, 1/3 monounsaturated, and 1/3 polyunsaturated fat. For larger amounts of carbohydrates you can afford only before and after training. In other meals ther should be an advantage fat over carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, there are also certain foods from which novice bodybuilders should resign. These include, for example, carbonated sweet drinks. To drink I recommend mainly all non-carbonated mineral water and green tea.