Novice bodybuilders’ mistakes

Apparently, man learns best from his own mistakes. I think, however, that this rule does not work in bodybuilding, so I will talk about mistakes that often are made by young athletes. Thanks to this, readers of my blog will know what to avoid.


The first mistake is the lack of warm-up, which is an essential element of safety training. Before exercising you should spend 10 minutes, for example, on a stationary bike or running track. As a result, the body will be well prepared for training. Muscles will be provided with better blood circulation, to allow for greater engagement and reduce the risk of injuries.

Another mistake is impatience. Young people want to achieve visible results quickly, but rush promotes wrong decisions. Exercises should be adapted to individual needs, and the intensity should be increased gradually. Impatience leads to taking illegal preparations, which can destroy the body.

The problem is also the lack of an accuracy and a systematicity. Exercises should be performed at a rate that you do not make any mistakes at the same time. The movements should be executed correctly. Inaccurate exercises is just as meaningless as irregular workouts.

Of course, ignoring advices and a guidance of trainers and more experienced bodybuilders is a mistake as well. If you think you know everything best, surely you will not achieve much in this sport. Therefore, you must learn to listen and benefit from the experience of others.