Supplements for beginners

The subject of supplements usually arouses the greatest doubts among novice bodybuilders. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that young people want to increase strength and muscle mass as soon as possible, and therefore they are willing to take preparations which are not fully secure. My goal is to present these supplements, which provide good results, but do not pose any health risks.


Firstly, I will turn your attention to the most important element of constant supplementation, so vitamins and minerals. Many people forget about these nutrients, while without them, you not only cannot get satisfactory results in, but also take a health risk. The second element of constant supplementation are protein formulations. Thanks to them you can supplement the balance of proteins and inhibit muscle catabolism. They are useful mainly after training, because they allow you to complement proteins quickly. In suplementation you should not forget about carbohydrates, which are a very important source of energy.

In the cyclic supplementation the most important is creatine and fat burners. Creatine is used in cycles of 4-6 weeks, but the first few months I would recommend refraining from taking it. Among fat burners especially recommended are thermogenic burners, so preparations intensifying thermogenesis.

I hope that the guidelines presented here will help novice bodybuilder to develop such a supplementation plan, which will help them to achieve designated objectives.